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The finest wines imported from the premier region of Provence

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After many trips to Provence in southern France, combined with a passion for wine I have decided to bring a taste of that experience back to Ireland. My aim is straightforward: to introduce a selection of exceptional wines to the Irish market that will be made available through independent wine shops and restaurants. These wines come from small, family-owned producers who are deeply passionate about their craft and they are sustainably made. Whilst primarily focused on rosé wines, there are a few whites and reds from the south of France to complete the offering. I trust you will find them as special as I do!


Rosé Wine

Rosé wine is not just the trendy wine of the 21st century. When the Greeks planted the first grapevines in Provence 2,600 years ago, they were already making rosé! This was because wine-making techniques in those days were different: the method of macerating red grapes, which gives red wine its colour, was unknown or, at the least, very uncommon. Wine made from red grapes was therefore rosé. In other words, Provence is the oldest wine region in France, and rosé is the oldest known wine!

In Provence, making rosé is a speciality, and a longstanding way of life, thanks to Provence’s climate, terroir and varietals which are perfectly suited to this wine. It is only logical then that Provence should be the number one French region for the production of rosé wines: 157 million AOC bottles produced in 2022, accounting for 38% of rosé production nationwide and 4.2% around the world! In the minds of consumers too, it is the top wine region associated with rosé.

Rosé wine is perfectly aligned with the evolution of new consumer and lifestyle trends: less structured meals, simple and direct gastronomy, an interest in discovering new things and above all else for immediate enjoyment.